3 Web Design Trends You Need to Jump On In 2022

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Imtiaz Raqib

Web design refers to the appearance, layout, and features of your site. All of these need to impress and engage your audience all while reflecting what your brand stands for and does.

The reality is - no matter how great your productor service is, you won’t be able to attract or retain an audience if you don’t invest energy, time, and resources into your web design. It’s not an easy feat, If a user visits your site and likes what they see, it can encourage them to go through your sales funnel. If they don’t, off they go to your competitors. That’s why it’s crucial for you to stay up to date with the latest web design trends so that you can ensure your site is helping you and not hurting you.

We have compiled a list of our top 3 web design trends of 2022 to help guide you on your way to building a website that peopleare excited to visit.

1.  Scrollytelling

Say goodbye to the old and boring way to showcase your information and say hello to scrollytelling (scrolling + storytelling).

This innovative approach to storytelling makes reading long content easier by breaking it into digestible sections and allows users to scroll their way to the end. It also brings new ways to incorporate multi-media as you can have pictures, videos, dynamic text, animation, and more on just one page.

Why users love scrollytelling and why yous hould too:

  1. It is very easy to navigate and requires little effort from users. Yes, going through multiple pages isn’t hard but us humans are always looking for an easier way to do something. If users feel at ease using your site, they ma ybecome more trusting and comfortable with your business.
  2. It excites the brain and engages users more than the traditional approach.
  3. With a variety of media on one page and something new to discover the more youscroll, your brain will never get bored. This makes people read more of yourcontent and stay on your page longer!
  4. It turns reading into a cool and visually pleasing activity. When you see something cool, don’t you want to share it? In this way, scrollytelling can help bring more people to your site.

Here are some great examples of web pages thathave used the power of scrollytelling to improve their user experience.

  1. AppleWatch Series 7
  2. WorldWildlife Fund – Regenerate Canada
  3. CulturalSolutions UK


2.  Nostalgia

Nostalgia pulls at the heart strings of your audience and can even motivate them to buy your products or services. Try adding simple touches to bring your audience back to the good ol’ days. This can include using crazy patterns from the 80s, that 70s mustard yellow colour, polaroid pictures, 90s references in your copy, old-school video game layouts, tacky 2000s fonts, and more. These all can evoke a sense of connection, making users want to stay on your site longer and get to know your business.

But remember, nostalgia looks different for every generation so it is important you have a strong understanding of who your audience is and what nostalgia might look like to them. Take a look at the top retro web designs on awwward.com for some nostalgic inspiration!

3.  Unique Typography

To put it simply, typography refers to the style and appearance of letters, symbols, and numbers. The typography you choose contributes to your brand identity and can affect the way your messaging is interpreted by your audience. So, it is important to use typography that aligns with your branding and leaves a lasting impression.

Try experimenting with these eye-catching and modern trends:

Moving text

This style is extremely effective at capturing users’ attention. It also comes with the added bonus of making businesses appear futuristic and innovative.


Round type

Rounded typography was usually seen in children’s marketing, but it has matured and is now being used to help give brands a youthful, friendly, and energetic image. Look no further than our very own kärna logo!



4. Contrast

Using the right amount of contrast in your web design is an easy and guaranteed way to provide a visually pleasing experience. It helps make the important things stand out and pulls your audience’s attention where you want it most.

This can look like using bold and heavy headers with lightweight and minimalist body text, using contrasting colours, contrasting with space, using different font sizes, and more.

Source: Elementor

Let’s get creative!

All in all, staying up to date with the newest web design trends is a great way to keep your business modern and relevant. But keep in mind that what truly makes your digital brand identity unique is the team and story behind it. So, get creative by combining today’s trends with your business’ history!

December 28, 2022
Web Design
Imtiaz Raqib
December 28, 2022
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