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Whether you are selling a service or a suite of products, your organization's strategic plan is fundamental to your success. In order to grow, knowing where your organization is at and analyzing where it clearly needs to go enables the ability to define SMART goals.

Our kärna team is here to help you identify your goals whether it may be establishing Key Performance Indicators to support an effective and sustainable process or creating a strategic plan for a new campaign. We are here to consult your team on the best business strategies and have our team on standby to further support the fulfillment of any designed initiatives.


An organization's branding is far more than a display of personal favorite colors and fun images. Instead, an organization's brand and design elements is a process that requires attention and reflection. Who the business is, what it provides, and its core values play a significant role in building brand guidelines. What this creates is a cohesive and professional feel that will allow the end user to easily recognize and connect with your brand.



In today's digital world, having a website is not enough; it's expected. Companies that don't have websites statistically do not get the awareness or traction with businesses that do. Websites act like 24/7 employees that welcome and educate your customer. Some websites are now the replacement for brick-and-mortar store fronts.

At kärna, we have a team of developers and designers that create visually aesthetic and user-friendly sites on a number of digital platforms. Don't worry - we can help you take care of your website too!



We know that some businesses have bold ideas but not the in-house support to turn them into reality. That’s where kärna can bring in our years of expertise.

With the benefit of having it all under one roof, our vertically stacked product and marketing team will make sure your product enters the market and turns into an industry leading product.


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