How To Improve Your Customer Experience

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Learn how to create optimized and personalized experiences through Customer Journey Mapping so that you can win your audience over.

Does your business see a lot of traffic online and in-person but for some reason not many customers are going through your sales funnel? Don’t worry, you're not alone.

Even if you’re not facing this issue yet, every business experiences this at one point or another. You can’t stop it from happening or know when it will happen. The only thing you can control is how you respond to this situation.  

Your response is what determines if your business suffers because of it or makes it out the other side.  

So, now you must be wondering... What's the best way to respond?

We at Kärna recommend starting by updating or creating a new Customer Journey Map (CJM).

What is a Customer Journey Map?

Imagine you have three types of customers:

Customer 1 sees your ads on their Instagram feed. They are intrigued so they click on the link and put your product in their basket but do not check out.  

Customer 2 does the same thing as Customer 1 but follows through with their purchase.

Customer 3 sees your ads and decides to only follow your Instagram account.

If you know how these customer’s purchasing habits, you will know how to better serve them so that they go through your sales funnel faster and more frequently. A CJM can help you do that- it is a tool used to visually represent the journey your different customers should take when interacting with your brand.  

We created the following 3-step guide to help business leaders like you create a strong foundation for your CJMs to ensure you reach success.  

Please note: This guide is best used for those who have already established Buyer Personas. If you have yet to develop any, we have developed a powerful Audience Research Guide to help you create your Buyer Personas. Access it here!  

Your 3-Step Guide To Crafting a Powerful CJM

1. Set Your Goals

Having goals gives your CJMs structure and much needed direction. Ask yourself- why are you making this map and what do you hope it helps you with? For ex. To help assign departments of your business to specific touch points based on a buyer persona.  

2. Choose Your Type of CJM

There are 4 main types of CJMs that you can build. Each type focuses on different aspects of your business to help you create accurate and powerful CJMs. You don’t have to map all four but it is good to understand each one so you can match them to your goals and buyer personas.

Tactical CJM

This type of map focuses on creating solutions and improvements for a small area of your business. It aims to highlight what journey your customer goes through when they engage with this part of your business.


This type of map focuses on visualizing how your customers think, feel, and engage with your business in the present moment. It is best used for creating small and immediate changes to your business to improve the customer experience.

Future State CJM

This type of map focuses on visualizing what the future looks like in terms of what your customers will do, think, and feel regarding interacting with your business’ new products, services, and experiences!

Service Blueprint CJM

This type of map is meant to enhance your current CJM, no matter the type. A service CJM looks at every level of your business- like the system of people, processes, policies, and technologies that make up a customer’s experience with your business.

This is helpful as it has the potential to point out the root cause of customer pain points and helps you build a strong foundation for the future.  

3. Visualize Your Data

Now that you have your goals and CJM type, it’s time to turn this into a useful and powerful map for you and your team to reference!  

It is recommended you make a unique CJM for each of your buyer personas. If you’re looking for a place to start, see Kärna’s blog on Understanding The 5 Essential Parts of a Customer Journey Map. Here, you can also access our free Customer Journey Mapping Template!


With a Customer Journey Map in your arsenal, you will come to better understand your customer’s experiences to improve it and your turnover rate!

Looking for more assistance in making a unique and effective CJM? The Kärna team has your back. Contact us today!  

December 28, 2022
Marketing Strategy
The Kärna Team
December 28, 2022
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