Too busy to make Instagram Reels? Try these time-saving strategies

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Shaun McGrath

For a busy person like you, making an Instagram Reel might not be one of your top priorities, and reasonably so. After all, there’s only so much time in a day. But with all the benefits that come from posting reels - like a wider audience reach and increased engagement - it's worth giving reels a try.

With these time-saving Instagram reel strategies, you’ll be able to save time for what matters most, all while experiencing the benefits of Instagram reels so that your business can truly prosper.


1.     Shift your perspective

The reality is you run the risk of being left behind if you don’t adapt to the times. Sure, it’s quicker and easier to post a photo with an engaging caption, but your reach is extremely limited. The reality is video is king right now and you run the risk of being left behind if you choose to work against this fact.

To make your life easier, try not to think of reels as a time-consuming chore. Instead, think of it as an essential part of your growth strategy. After all, reels gives you free exposure as they take up about two thirds of the content on the Explore page and have the potential to significantly boost your engagement and reach.


For example, when the NBA started using reels, they started seeing an average of 22% higher engagement than any other types of content they posted.


When you shift your perspective, you will see that making reels will save you time in the long run as they can help you reach your social media targets faster.


2.     Don’t over complicate it

Reels are meant to be short and to the point. You don’t need elaborate ideas to stand out, you just need to show your personality and your business’ value.


Start your reel journey by creating content based on the things you do and the things you already know. Simple ideas like these will help add relatability and credibility to your business’ image. Plus, since you know the subject matter already, you save time as you don’t have to plan out what to say or do.

-         Try filming your workday routine.

-         Share your business’ origin story.

-         Speak about your own experience working in your field.

-         Discuss relevant pain points then address how you aim to fix them with your business.

-         Turn your FAQ into reels.


Extravagant ideas take a lot of time and energy to put into action. Plus, they might not translate well. If you don’t have the time, just keep it simple so you have more time for the other aspects of your business.


3.     Plan for the future

It’s worth planning your reel content ahead of time. A lot of time can be wasted sitting around trying to think of your next best idea. Instead, create a library of reel ideas that you can pull from any time or day of the week. Your future self will thank you.


It’s best to keep your list organized by subject matter so it’s easy for you or your team members to use. For example, brand identity, product/service tutorials, issues in your field, pain points, etc., can all be used as subject organizers. Be sure to cross out the ideas you have used so you avoid repeating content.  You can use Microsoft Excel, Google Sheets, or any alternatives to keep your ideas organized.


Time is an irreplaceable asset, so it’s important to spend it wisely. If you are looking for long-term growth in this fast-paced world, choosing to spend a few minutes every week making reels can end up being one of the most impactful ways you spend your time.  

December 28, 2022
Social Media
Shaun McGrath
December 28, 2022
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